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Use Your Car Title as Collateral for a Personal Loan!
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Why are Collateral Loans Using Your Car Title Better Than Payday Loans?

Using your car as collateral for a loan has many advantages over Payday Loans:

  • Bad Credit OK.
  • Keep Your Car.
  • More cash than Payday Loans - Car Title Loans can get you anywhere from $3,300 to $50,000 depending on how much your car is worth.
  • Your Car is Collateral - Collateralized Title Loans have much lower interest rates. A car title loan is a Car Refi Loan. Because you are refinancing your car, and using it as collateral, our risk is lower, and we pass that advantage on to you.
  • Secured Business Loans - many small businesses use Auto Title Loans to help in their cash flow management.
  • Fast Approval - get cash out of your car in as little as two hours.
  • Car Title loans have much more favorable payment terms. You only have to make payments monthly, versus weekly with Payday Loans.

There are two reasons The Auto Title Loan is the fastest growing Car Title Lender in Los Angeles.

First, we have the friendliest service of any title lender in Southern California. We will deal with you honestly, and fairly, and you will never be pressured in any way.

Second, The Auto Title Loan lends money fast, and at the best rates available. Once you start the loan process, it will take only hours to get your cash.

Take advantage of the collateral you have in your car title today! Contact The Auto Title Loan, and you will be on your way in 2 minutes.
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